Vol 5 - Issue 38 | February 17, 2012
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  Be an Aadhaar Franchise

The consumer market in rural and semi-urban India is estimated to cross $20 billion by 2018 and $100 billion by 2025, according to an AC Nielsen survey. Reports also state that rural India consists of more than 720 million consumers and is being driven by rising purchasing power and changing consumption patterns.

As pioneers of modern retail in India, Future Group has created several retail formats that are servicing their customers through the length and breadth of the country. Now the Group is aiming at developing a leadership position in the field of rural retail with its venture Aadhaar.

The Aadhaar Franchise is offered from the house of Future Group and Big Bazaar in order to create employment and entrepreneurial opportunities and to empower consumers in rural and semi-urban India. According to R.S.Rekhi, CEO, Aadhaar Retail “The idea is to create a mechanism which democratizes entrepreneurship in rural areas. It allows a common man to open a modern retail format and break the caste-creed barrier as most of the kirana stores are run by patels or banias.”

This franchisee model is part of the Future Group’s commitment to be a part of the growing rural consumption. The Aadhaar Wholesale format will focus on addressing the essential demand and expanding choice of the rural consumers by creating an effective supply chain mechanism, while the Aadhaar Franchisee stores shall provide the reach to the consumers. This is possible by leveraging the existing set up of the rural wholesale and distribution business of Aadhaar. The Aadhaar wholesale store is strategically situated in Kalol, Gujarat. Therefore, in the first phase it would support rural retailers and Aadhaar franchises in its vicinity and within a 100 kms radius. Over 100 to 150 Aadhaar Retail franchisees will be attached to a single Aadhaar Wholesale store to complete the rural reach around the store.

Inspiration to own a franchise

Aadhaar Franchise is offered by the leading retail Group in India and is based on a time-tested and proven business model. Hence, if one wants to starts his own business and is willing to learn and follow set rules, become self reliant and develop a sustainable life for himself and his family, owning Aadhaar Franchisee is his stepping stone. Associating with Aadhaar and the Future Group, one would not only get to be mentored by the game changers of the retail industry but is also assured with reliable processes and quality products. Moreover, the group promises to provide a strong backend, marketing and advertising support with a complete training guide of IT Systems and Reports. The associate has to simply master the art of customer relations on day to day basis. The average annual Return on Investment would be around 22%.