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Aadhaar is a joint venture between The Future Group & Godrej Agrovet Ltd which focuses on retail distribution of and consumer products for personal and household use in rural and semi-urban India

Aadhaar is positioned as a rural supermarket and currently has 40 stores spread over 100,000 sq. ft. across 2 states: Gujarat, Punjab. Aadhaar also operates Cash & Carry store by the name Aadhaar Wholesale Market.

The Aadhaar stores sells food and groceries, catering to the rural as well as the semi urban Indian customer

About The Future Group

Headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), The Future Group operates through...

  • 10 million square feet of retail space
  • Has over 1,000 stores
  • Present in 61 cities and 40 rural locations in India
  • Employees over 30,000 people.
  • Some of the leading formats operated by the       company and its subsidiaries include
  • Big Bazaar
  • Pantaloons
  • Food Bazaar
  • Central, Planet Sports
  • eZone
  • Aadhaar Retail
  • Brand Factory and
  • Home Town
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